The day the dinosaurs came...

14 October 2020

We couldn't believe it when we found our role play area cordoned off and a nest with 2 dinosaur eggs were in there! As the days passed the eggs started to crack and eventually they hatched. The only problem was, one of the dinosaurs were missing...

Mrs Greenhalgh called Joe, from Teach Rex, as she knew that he had experience in catching dinosaurs. Joe rushed to Mossy Lea and managed to capture the T-Rex and lock it in the kitchen. Joe reassured us that the dinosaur was a very friendly dinosaur and his name was Jam. We loved meeting the beautiful beast, who was indeed very friendly, we even got to tickle him under his chin. After that Joe shared with us what scientists used to believe about the Tyrannosaurus Rex and what we actually know now - for example,  it is from the bird family for example not a reptile as was previously believed. Jam showed us how he ate his prey by stooping down using his strong neck muscles and long tail to balance. We thought it was very funny when he ate Mrs Greenhalgh! 

Next we took part in a green screen workshop. For this we had to pretend that we were being chased by a real dinosaur! We then learnt how to edit the recording within the app. 

Our next workshop was using the app Chatterpiz. We created descriptive sentences; we were challenged to use a verb, adjective, conjunction and a simile. Once we had practised our sentences we used the app to record them. 

Finally, we got to meet baby dinosaurs. Each dinosaur had a different worry or concern about school, we gave them lots of advice for what they should do, so hopefully they will feel happy again. 

The next day, the children in Oak Class wrote a persuasive text, using their knowledge of persuasive features, to promote Teach Rex visiting other schools. The children in Acorn Class wrote their descriptive sentences using their phonic knowledge. 

We loved our morning with Sam and Joe from Teach Rex, we learnt so much. Hopefully our other dinosaur won't escape, like Jam!  

Teach Rex Visit

Persuasive Writing - Teach Rex

Persuasive Writing - Teach Rex
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The children in Oak Class used their knowledge of persuasive writing features to promote Teach Rex visits to other schools.