Regular PTFA meetings are arranged to plan events to raise vital funds for school. Our number of parents attending PTFA meetings is growing and we are always looking for more parents to offer their support in planning and delivering school fund-raising events.

Even if you are unable to attend a meeting, we are always very grateful for donated prizes including cakes, biscuits, chocolate raffle prizes sent in to support our events. Whatever you can do to help is always very much appreciated. A huge “THANK YOU” to you all.

Please contact a member of staff if you are able to offer any further support to our PTFA.

PTFA Events to Date:

Summer Fair 2015 -  £259.30

Halloween Night 2015 -  £170

Christmas Fair 2015 -  £194.50

Christmas Raffle 2015 -  £85.50

Easter Bingo 2016 - raised over £320!

Items purchased by PTFA:

KS2 Guided reading books - £1,010.52 (proposed)

Early Years/KS1 resources - £1,500

Easter Eggs – £42 Easter 2015

Last year Coach for school trip - £205 July 2015

Fencing Lessons - £350 July 2015

PTFA Newsletters

Spring Term 2016 Newsletter
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