Eco Council

Eco Committee

At Wrightington, Mossy Lea Primary School we are committed to caring for our environment. We believe that our actions as a school community and as individuals can have a direct impact on the health of our home, Planet Earth. Here you can learn about our environmentally responsible activities.

Eco-Committee 2017/2018

The Eco-Committee are a group of pupils committed to looking after our environment, aiming to promote and develop sustainability.

The new eco committee is up and running,we have elected:

Chairperson Molly
Deputy Chairperson  
Deputy Secretary  

We all have eco jobs to do, some of these jobs include :

recycling fruit for composting, energy moniters and paper moniters.

Our committee consists of a representation of pupils across the school.

Eco Council Minutes

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Eco Council Newsletters

Eco council Hedgehog letter
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Newsletter Eco First
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Chorley Hedgehog Rescue Centre

A letter went out to parents asking for donations of unwanted towels, dressing gown, sweatshirts and newspapers. We had a brilliant response to this and even had one of our lovely grandma's knitting squares for them!

Mrs Tyrer took our donations to the rescue centre were they were used straight away!